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This page contains answers to (more or less) Frequently Asked Questions about the site. Frequently Asked Questions

My email address does not work with "/public/process"

The nmstatus page shows a process, that is, the path a person follows to change their status in Debian.

A process can be looked up in several way: an ID in the database, a Debian login name, or an email address.

If you have a Debian account, the easiest way to lookup your information is by using your account name, as in /public/process/enrico.

If you do not yet have a Debian account, then you can use the E-Mail address that you used to enter NM.

The site gives me 403 Forbidden errors if I disable referers

Believe it or not, that is a security feature. Please see this thread for more information (look for the string "detonate-bomb" for an attack scenario).