Application status for Clint Byrum

Personal information

ApplicantClint Byrum <>
Received application2011-10-14
Time of Last Action2012-05-07
Advocate vorlon
Account namespamaps
OpenPGP fingerprint F00C 9F2F 4F7E B714 AFAD 1A42 538C 0766 F4BC B38E
ProcessDebian Contributor → Debian Developer, uploading
Account createdyes

Process log

Date Changed by Progress
2011-10-14 Applicant asked to enter the process
2011-10-27 Applicant replied to initial mail
2011-10-27 Received enough advocacies
2011-10-27 jhr Applicant replied to initial mail
2011-11-03 faw Waiting for AM to confirm
2011-11-04 faw Interacting with an AM
2012-04-28 enrico AM approved
2012-04-29 enrico FD approved
2012-04-29 joerg DAM approved
2012-05-07 enrico Completed