Arnaud Ferraris

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Short Biography

Being a long-time Debian user (since the release of Woody, back when I was constantly distro-hopping, struggling to find the right one), I have wanted to contribute back to the community for several years, but couldn't find out the proper way for me to do so. With the recent release of hackable, Linux-friendly phones, and the work being done around the needed mobile-oriented software ecosystem, I finally found a way to help which matches both my skills and interests.

As part of the DebianOnMobile team, I have packaged a number of mobile-friendly packages (feedbackd, phoc, phosh, kgx) and libpurple plugins (purple-mm-sms & purple-xmpp-http-upload), as well as a few Rust crates. My primary goal is to help making Debian a relevant and popular platform for mobile devices, and over time, expand the field of my contributions to other areas of the distribution.

My other areas of interest include music, aviation and electronics.

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