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My name is Abhijith PA. I am 22 years old, living in Kerala, India. Currently I am pursuing my Post Graduate course - MCA (Master of Computer Application).

When I was in 4th grade, I got a new PC preloaded with Redhat Linux ( I am not sure what its name was then). Thus it becomes my first GNU/Linux OS . But I didn't used it much. Then later around 10th grade one of my friend introduced me to Ubuntu. I still remember how he described Ubuntu – 'the OS that didn't get affected by virus'. Again I didn't go much with it. During my college days I came to know more about GNU/Linux OS. Some of the computers in lab were running IT@School(an Ubuntu derivative). In my lab hours, I ssh to my friends system and open their DVD drives for fun :) . My teacher(Manu Sir) is fond of Debian. Through him I came to know Debian. He talk about free software and its need in the society. He gave me access to a debian server in the college. I really started to enjoy Debian. Then I decided Debian will be my OS . To this day Debian is running on my laptop. I started to read and understand more about Debian community. Reading planet.d.o and lurking around #debian in IRC became my hobby.

My early contributions to debian was just uploading software screen shots to screenshot.debian.net. From Raphael Hertzog's site, I learned about bug triaging and I did couple of them. Around a Free software conf I met the Debian Developer Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (pirate praveen). He introduced me to debian packaging . Then I met Balasankarc (bsc) via email/irc. He helped me to learn more about ruby packaging. Praveen asked me whether I have interest in joining the Debian-Ruby Team where they were shaping the Diaspora and Gitlab. I learned a bit about ruby, gems and rails and jump aboard . Today I maintain 3 packages and co-maintain 10 ruby gem packages with Ruby-Team.

My primary areas of interest is packaging gems for the Debian-ruby Team. Apart from this I try to convince people about the free software. And above all , use Debian as a proud user. I like to see Debian becoming more fit for the term 'Universal OS'

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