Alper Nebi Yasak

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Short Biography

I'm a weirdo from Turkey who likes to learn things thoroughly and to do things "the right way".

How I came to using Debian is that the software I used during my engineering degree being better to work with on Linux systems. I chose Xubuntu then by chance, which led me upstream to Debian. Parallel to this, my search for an as-free-as-possible computer led me to ARM Chromebooks, and I bought one that I felt was going to be great in that perspective, and I started tinkering on it to solve the many problems that I had.

My "right way" urges me to generalize my solutions and push them upstream. So far in Debian I have helped enable graphical installer support for the ARM64 architecture, and did hardware enablement work on the kernel and initramfs-tools packages for my device. I developed a Python tool that handles the bootloader specifics on Chromebooks and packaged it for Debian, which recently got sponsored into the archive.

I want to further streamline installing Debian onto Chromebooks with the Debian Installer, and gave a talk about this at DebConf22. The installer needs more work to generate Chromebook-specific images, partitioner integration, and a post-installation step. The latter two needs new udeb packages. Beyond doing those, I'm interested in kernel enablement of more Chromebooks, and helping modernizing the installer if such an effort materializes.

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