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Dear Debian Developers, My name is Alexandre Delanoë (anoe on IRC). I am a 35 years old social data scientist living in Europa/France and current secretary of Debian France Trusted Organization. Given my involvement in Debian since 2004 and the responsibilities I have been carrying out in Debian France since 2013, I hereby ask to join officially the Debian Community as a non-uploading Debian Developer.

In 2004 year, I discovered Debian GNU/Linux during my PhD in sociology thanks to a computer programmer I met in a research department. I successfully installed Debian by myself, even if I was not keen on computer programming initially. I have never changed the distribution since this day. I played first with unstable and got a sensitive heart attack after a litteral "kernel panic". I came back to stable to learn and I now use Debian testing as my main Desktop OS. Convinced by the Social Contract (and DSFS) Guidelines I try to practice it every day (According to vrms package on my desktop/working station, I have only one (0.0%) non-free package).

Then I started as a non programming user and learned Debian through its technical aspects. I have been really interested with its organization. First, I worked during my PhD on the controversy of Digital Right Managements issue. Then I also discovered the soul of the mailing lists, your teams/organization and the strength of the Social Contract to build a universal project. Every second, Debian proves that with passion, the right job can be done.

After several years of learning with Debian, I have decided it was time to give back to the Debian Project. First I analyzed the mailing list archives in order to learn History of Debian. I started to focus on the structures of the threads in the lists to produce a troll index that can be useful to indicate the quality of a mailing-list [1]. But my main involvement deals with Debian France [2].

[1] Mini DebConf Paris 2012 talk: [2] (Current president Raphaël Hertzog)

Indeed, with Sylvestre Ledru, we organized the Mini DebConf 2013 in Paris. I managed to produce some Debian Goodies. I organized the Debian France Logo Challenge with a mixed software/manual application to use the Condorcet vote ; solution which is different than the actual devotee (in Perl) or rubyvote (in ruby) since it is a solution in Python, language I feel clear enough to understand what it counts.

As secretary of Debian France which is a Debian Trusted Organization now, my main activities are: - writing decisions report - developing solutions for voting - helping to activate (logo pool, membership key concept..)

Debian influenced my works and my life in a surprising and unpredicted way, especially during the DebConf13. I was not able to be with you for the DebConf14 but I really expect to be present for the next one.

My projects are: 1) In Short term: keep on supporting Debian France Trusted Organization 2) In middle term: keep on working on Debian statistics, providing tools/packages for it (can help Debian Teammetrics or Debian Press). 3) In the long term: developing (in bash/python/haskell in continuation as today).

As last, by becoming a Debian Developer I will promote as much as I can the values in the Social Contract that I already embrace:

"To learn to write, one must learn to read and to learn reading one must (be able to) open the book." It is the same for the code but coding is to computing what writing is to reading. Debian is universal in that it is a pedagogical project with universal values.

Thank you for your interest in my candidacy.

Alexandre Delanoë (anoe)

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