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I am Anupa Ann Joseph from India. I have completed post graduation in Applied Electronics Engineering. Worked for a digital publishing company using FOSS. I like to contribute my time promoting Free Software, advocating for Digital Privacy and put effort to bring more diversity in Debian and other Free Software communities.

I was introduced to Free Software and Debian community at my previous work place, International Centre for Free and Open Source Software, which is an institution under Government of Kerala to promote Free and Open Source Software. The project was to create awareness about Free Software among women in technical institutions across Kerala, and the first stage was helping them learn more about Computers and Operating Systems. Debian was chosen for its stability and the opportunity it provided to learn. Members from Debian India community supported us in this mission, which led me to participate in Debutsav Kochi 2018, where I met more Debian community members from India. I started participating more in the Debian Community for DebConf 20, where I was part of the team organizing the Malayalam track, t-shirt team in India and the video team. Later, I volunteered for Debian publicity team during MiniDebConf Online Gaming Edition. I was one of the main coordinators for the multi-lingual MiniDebConf India 2021.

The last event I could volunteer for Debian was DebConf 21, in which I helped to run the Indic track. This year, I want to give Debian packaging a try and also volunteer for upcoming Debian events to spread the Debian philosophy.

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