Anuradha Weeraman

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I've been a free software/Unix enthusiast for close to two decades now. I started out as a free software advocate in Sri Lanka where I was part of a Linux User Group and was involved in community building and advocacy. Around 2007, I started contributing to Debian as a maintainer under the sponsorship of Niibe Yutaka and worked on copyfs, jacksum, ncc packages. These have since been removed from the archive as they are unmaintained upstream. I got back into Debian in 2019 and have since worked on the 'watchman' package as well as adopting and maintaining ksh/ksh93 as it goes through some changes/revival upstream. I've always been a Debian enthusiast since 2.2, when I first started using Debian, mostly due to its open philosophy and ethos, and looking forward to being part of its evolution.

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