Arun Kumar Pariyar

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Short Biography

I am from Nepal (a country in South Asia) who is a GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source Software enthusiast. Regarding my journey, I came to know about Debian and Free software when I was in my high school. My first distribution that booted in my machine was Fedora which interested me into GNU/Linux. Then, I came to know about Ubuntu and instantly fell in love with it and started using it as my daily driver, started tinkering with it. I even came to develop my own customized distribution based on Debian during my high school days, thanks to the wide helpful community and the free software movement.

Later, I joined the local communities involved in Free and Open Source Software in Nepal, few of them which I am still actively involved are FOSS Nepal Community, FOSS Chitwan Community and WordPress Bharatpur Community. What I love about Debian is the collaborative work done by awesome people across the world to create such an oustanding distribution of GNU/Linux.

I am the Lead Developer of UbuntuDDE Remix Project and I am currently actively contributing to pkg-deepin-team (a Deepin Debian Team) which collaboratively maintains the packages for Deepin Desktop Environment in Debian. I look forward in maintaining Golang, Deepin packages and other packages that interests the community and me.

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