Markus Schade

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Short Biography

Computers have interested me since I was young. My family's first was an an Atari 800XL. The first PC was a 486 with 33 MHz.

My first contact with Linux were 2 CDs with Debian 2.0, but without Internet, there was only so much you could do. I wasn't until I started my studies in computer science, that I really began using Linux which was SuSE 6.3 at that time.

After SuSEconfig overriding my settings once again, Debian (potato) became my distribution of choice.

My first contribution to Debian dates back to 2004, when I maintained the bcm5700 driver package until it became obsolete.

In the last couple of years, I have maintained the yadifa package and tried to improve the overall quality of Debian by reporting and fixing bugs.

I plan to also work on other packages of the Debian DNS packaging team and maybe some others, that might come along.

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