Athos Coimbra Ribeiro

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Short Biography

I am a software engineer working at Canonical in the Ubuntu Server team. Other than the usual bug/merge/maintenance work performed through the Ubuntu Server team package set, I currently focus in maintaining the PHP stack, PostgreSQL, and isc-kea in Ubuntu. While performing any of those tasks (or when I find an unrelated bug while working with Debian unstable packages), I try my best to either push Ubuntu changes back to Debian or at least communicate the Debian maintainers about the issue.

I have a Master's degree in computer science from the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, where I am originally from and currently based in. That master's degree was focused on extending the work I performed as a guest researcher in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in Maryland, regarding source code static analysis and static analysis tools evaluation.

I was employed by Red Hat from 2018 to early 2021. There, I worked on the development and maintenance of a container image build system, which is also used by Fedora to build the images available in their registry. I come from a Python background and also have previous experience with RPM packaging both from my previous job and from contributions to the Fedora project.

While I have not been keeping track of my contributions to Debian in a thorough manner, the latest and most relevant ones would be related to patches and bug reports for PHP, PostgreSQL and Kea. I also packaged and maintain podman-compose and php-fig-log-test (I also have an RFS for php-doc at #1037237 which is quite complicated due to potential licensing issues and I'd love to get more eyes in it - and although it is a documentation package, it has multiple sources and should be a nice case to demonstrate packaging skills and debian policy compliance).

My areas of interest would be around server related packages such as the ones mentioned above (due to $DAYJOB reasons); and, for personal reasons, giving back and interacting with the Debian community (regardless of technologies). It is a passionate, lovely community which, from my understanding and interactions with the community, is often pushing for a better society and this alone suffices for one to want to participate.

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