Nicolas Mora

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Short Biography

I live in Quebec City, Canada and I'm a proud debian user since potato, when I started to host my own server for personal e-mails, web hosting and distant storage.

Lately, I've started to develop a software to build a House automation system for my own use, and published it on Github for others to be interested can use it too. Then, step by step, the system went bigger and more complex, and I made libraries and other programs to help me on other purposes (sso, password storage, audio streaming).

One of my project, Gewlwyd, an SSO OAuth2 authentication server has been packaged in Debian testing a few months ago, and Thorsten, the package maintainer offered me to join the Debian Project. I think it is a very good occasion for me to become a member of a community I know for years and that I highly respect for its work in the free software in general.

My favourite technical area of interest is to build web applications using a REST API architecture, with the backend written in C and the front-end written in various HTML/javascript libraries and frameworks. Also, as many geeks, I know a few more programming and scripting languages, I always like to learn new stuff, and I love to understand how things work.

I'm interested in contributing to Debian by packaging softwares, libraries or tools, I can also help the Debian project in its own infrastructure, like the GSoC SSO project, or more.

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