Chen Baozi

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Short Biography

I started my journey to Linux since 2008 after receiving bachelor degree and my first offer. At the beginning, I worked to set up a RHEL/Fedora-based distributions building system for local use. Then, I've got chances to bootstrap a mipsel64 linux distribution from scratch on a Loongson2F box. When I was doing the bootstrapping, the reference distribution shipped with Loongson2F box is based on mipsel Debian. That is the beginning of my experience with Debian.

Two years after I received my bachelor degree, I returned to college to study for master degree. During the master study, I began to get involved in some pieces of low-level software. I have helped write the xfs driver for syslinux bootloader and ported Xen to OMAP5432 platform. Then I luckily got a chance to take part in an ARM64 project sponsored by National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou, China. During LCA'14, I met Wookey in Macau and then started to help rebootstrap Debian ARM64 using the hardware I got from the supercomputer center. I've helped setup and maintained the server instances we have been using to build arm64 packages, while at the same time trying fixing issues of the Xen hypervisor that we are now using to host the arm64 porterboxes and one of buidd server.

My primary areas of interest includes (but not limited to) arm/arm64 virtualization, kernel hacking and building infrastructure. In the future, I'll continue supporting the Debian ARM64 rebootstrapping and further development.

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