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Birger Schacht

Account namebisco
OpenPGP fingerprintC5BC 7498 F466 D885 188C B397 CB06 EA7B 78DB E151
StatusDebian Contributor on since 2018-11-25

Short Biography

I'm using Debian since potato, in the first years mostly as a desktop operating system and as a home server. Later I started doing some freelance work as system administrator and learned how to use Debian on servers. In the last decade I was employed as a sysadmin at a university, where i also maintained Debian servers. I was part of 2018th Google Summer of Code and wrote a usermanagement interface for guest accounts for Debian (its not in production yet). During that time (or maybe even before, not sure) i started contributing also in other areas of Debian. I'm doing my bachelors degree in IT security at the moment and i'm very interested in privacy enhancing technologies.

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