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Hello everyone,

My first intervention in Debian was this message [0]: It took a lot of additional work to get compiled a package conforming to the Debian standard. Shortly after I introduced another new package in Debian [1]. Since then (this year will be 10 years), I have kept these two packages and adopted some more [2]: Thanks to the help of many DD I have been able to learn a lot and accumulate experience in Debian.

During this time, I have also collaborated in the translation into Catalan and Spanish. My contribution to the Spanish translation is limited to the translation of the Debian new maintainers' guide [3], work that I have kept the last 7 years [4]. I started the translation into Catalan in 2010 [5]. This is a project that does not have much activity now.I keep the translation of debconf templates [6] updated and I have updated the latest version of the installation manual [8]. It seems that I am a lucky person: I have found few errors in Debian [9]. Recently, I have collaborated in fixing a curious error on the Debian website [10].

The activity of almost 10 years seems small to be reduced some paragraphs of text [11], but this is the result of many hours of documentation, testing and consultations. And none of this would have been possible without the help of many people who collaborate in Debian: I believe that this is the best potential and attractiveness of the Debian project. It is the result of the collaboration of a large group of people who participate selflessly. This is why I want to strengthen my commitment to the project by participating in the NM process.


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