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Hi, my name is Markus Blatt. I am an applied mathematician and a self-employed software developer since 2011. I mainly program software for technical simulations based on open source using C++. I am a core developer of both DUNE and OPM.

Last year I started packaging the OPM modules opm-common, opm-material, opm-grid, opm-models, opm-upscaling, and opm-simulators for Debian (based on previous work for an Ubuntu ppa). Thanks to good cooperation of my sponsors half of these are now part of unstable. I would like to continue this work, help with the DUNE packages and further contribute to the science team.

I have been using Debian since about 1999/2000 (after starting with Suse in 1996, and a short period of compiling Linux from scratch).

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