Bertrand Marc

Account namebmarc
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2016-07-17

Short Biography

I first started to contribute to Debian in 2008, while I was studying computer sciences. It felt pretty natural to contribute to the project, as way to give back, since I was (and still am) happily using Debian. Since then I got interested in the goals of the community and it convinced me to advertise for Debian around me.

My first contributions were modest: I triaged some bugs for the fglrx packages, and slowly I learned how to update a package. I worked with the fglrx packaging team as long as I used a AMD/ATI card. After this first experience, I joined the Debian games team and packaged playonlinux, as way to convince more users (gamers) to use Debian. Since then (2009), I am an active member of the Debian games team, where I contribute to pingus and 7kaa aside from playonlinux. And in 2012 I adopted the gnunet stack (libextractor, libmicrohttpd, gnunet, gnunet-gtk), that I still maintain happily.

Personal history

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