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I am Chirayu Desai. My first involvement with Debian was in 2016 with Google Summer of Code, wherein I was selected and worked as a student on the project "Android Tools in Debian". You can find some more about that at 0: I've been working in free software ever since, my day job is at a non-profit on a free software project which is also Android based. I have also been mentoring students for Debian as part of Summer of Code, and this is the 3rd year of that. That can be seen at 1, 2 and 3. The Android Tools team has been working on Android packages since a long time, bringing free software packages for Android development to Debian. Over the years, as both a student and mentor, I've been working to get more of the Android Tools packaged in Debian, and also ensuring that they get updated to newer versions as Google releases them. It is complicated, but we have been making progress year after year.

I have been thinking about applying since a long time, the thought came to my mind again last night, and after encouragement from fellow DDs with whom I work with daily, here I am :)

I have been volunteering for Debian for 4 years now, and will definitely continue volunteering in the future.

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