Aurélien Couderc

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Short Biography

I’m a free software enthusiast and user for a decade or so, and have become a strong believer in Free Software as a means to make the word a better place. After initially testing some derivatives I’ve been using Debian for some time now and this makes me feel joy, respect and the wish to thank former and current contributors for the amount of work done. I can say Debian as a project is unequaled and visionary for building upon its social contract and constitution, putting both people and technical excellence at its core.

To be part of the adventure I’ve been giving a hand through desktop-base package work where I’m a committer for a few years now. I have contributed quite a bit of work for squeeze and lenny to build up consistent theme parts from grub, to plymouth, login manager and desktop. I have started doing that again for stretch, improving alternatives support for themes, fixing and closing bug and lintian warnings. I still would like to improve plymouth integration, consistency over the different desktops, provide more theme options to all users for the release.

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