Lu YaNing

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Status Debian Maintainer since 2022-01-04

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I started using ubuntu for C++ application development in 2012,Later, I learned that ubuntu is a derivative version of debian and started to use debian. One year ago, when I had problems with Qt development, I submitted several patches to the debian Qt maintenance team. With the help of Patrick Franz, Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer, and Dmitry Shach, I am currently mainly involved in Qt 6 package maintenance.Thank you very much to these mentors. They helped me a lot in packaging and made me feel that Debian is a very friendly and relaxed organization. I like working with people I meet on Debian very much. During the period, I also maintained simple-image-filter separately.After that, I hope to make more contributions to the maintenance of Qt 6. Finally, I am honored to have the opportunity to apply for DM.

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