Patrick Franz

Account namedelta-one
OpenPGP fingerprint6287 415C 347A F1CC 591E EDCA 9E9F 7A60 3077 FE56
Status Debian Maintainer since 2020-08-11

Short Biography

When I started to use Linux, I switched distributions regularly. I finally stuck with Debian as friends were using it, too. Now I have been a Debian user for well over a decade.

However, I did not get involved with Debian until last year when I asked how I could contribute. It was natural for me to ask the Qt/KDE team for help, because I've been a KDE user since the beginning and help was needed there. I then took my first steps into packaging and this is what I have been doing since.

Meanwhile, I maintain a couple of packages and helped with packaging Qt. My primary goal is to help getting Qt and the KDE parts updated more regularly in Debian.

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