Dima Kogan

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Short Biography

Hi. I've been a Debian user since 2001. At the time I was using RedHat. Its software-update mechanisms were so painful that I simply didn't keep my system up-to-date, which resulted in somebody hacking my box through a known ssh vulnerability. I moved to Debian, and never looked back. It was a breath of fresh air. The update mechanism WORKED and the system felt much more clean and organized.

I'm a big fan of standards and conventions, so I feel strongly that we would all be better served by focusing our effort on a smaller number of larger projects than a large number of small projects. Forks are bad, and the proliferation of (distros, languages, tools, etc) helps nobody. I want to improve Debian because for better or worse, it's in wide use, and familiar to many. By making Debian better, we can benefit many people and retain users we already have.

So far I'm maintaining (and co-maintaining) a number of packages. I report and fix bugs regularly. Most recently, I've been helping with the multiarch-friendly cross toolchains to make Debian a nice environment for foreign-arch development.

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