Andre Bianchi

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Short Biography

I came to know about free software in mid-90's after starting to chat over IRC and buying Slackware GNU/Linux CDs that were shipped from the US. From Slackware I went to Gentoo, and eventually to Debian. Since I started using Debian personally I also started advocating it to friends and then started administering machines and also using it in workshops for autonomous media production and digital communications sceurity.

I've been maintaining some packages since some time and last year I attended my first Debconf in Montreal. Right now I am in Mini Debconf in Curitiba Brasil.

I intend to continue contributing with packaging for Debian, which has revealed to be a great way of learning more about the GNU/Linux system in general, its interface with upstream, and the free software ecosystem in general.

I also intent to help develop the community by helping organize events and produce and translate documentation for Debian.

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