Daniel Swarbrick

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Short Biography

I have been a Linux user since the late 90's (Slackware), and a Debian user since 2003. Since then I have always favoured running Debian on servers, but I run Kubuntu on my workstations / notebooks. I have worked a little with Gentoo, and RHEL / Centos. I have also used HP-UX, Solaris / OpenSolaris / OpenIndiana, Digital Unix / Tru64, and even SCO throughout my career - as well as the inevitable bit of Windows.

I have been programming in Go since about 2016, and in many other languages before that, including Python, C, JavaScript, PHP, Modula-2, x86 assembler, and BASIC. I have been actively involved with Prometheus since 2017, and since we use a lot of it where I work, I decided to help out with keeping it and several of the exporters in Debian a bit more up to date.

My primary areas of interest are Go, Python, networking and metrics / telemetry / tracing.

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