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Elana Hashman

Account nameehashman
OpenPGP fingerprint7D0B 1775 E262 6DD8 99D2 0BED DECA 0C9D 30ED 9FE3
StatusDebian Developer, uploading since 2017-09-30

Short Biography

I am working to revive the Clojure Packaging Team. My main project is to reintroduce Leiningen, the core dependency management and build tool for the Clojure ecosystem. It is a complex package with 18 direct dependencies, requiring collaboration with the Debian Java Team.

Since I started on this project, I've uploaded or adopted many different Clojure packages, written a tool to facilitate packaging Clojure projects for Debian, revived the #debian-clojure channel on OFTC, and worked on packaging tutorials and policy on the wiki. I'm a member of both the Clojure and Java packaging teams. Prior to my Clojure work, I contributed to Debian through bug reports and package testing.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2017-06-25 2017-09-30 DD, upl. Elana Hashman ehashman Closed santiago
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