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So far, my packaging contributions have mainly been for the Games Team, I am maintaining "corsix-th" and "" to support gamers playing commercial games they own via as much free software as possible. I'm also interested in Freedombox, as I try to run more and more non-cloud services on my home network, particularly matrix-synapse as that has enabled me to connect more with Debian than the quiet mailing lists.

More recently, in order to package mindustry (RFP #959466), I tracked a chain of dependencies down to kotlin, and thanks to DebConf20 BoF got involved with helping test the package can self-compile via #debian-android-tools. I like how games are not restricted to a single language so I could potentially end up touching all sorts of random sections of the archive, learning each packaging team on the way.

I am a stable+backports user, so want the programming/sysadmin tools used at work to come from the archives wherever possible. As an example, when I discovered sqldeveloper-package was broken after upgrade to stretch, I followed through from reporting #868673 all the way to stretch-proposed-updates via an nmu. I am now maintaining 3 official backports.

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