David 'equinox' Lamparter

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Short Biography

Hi, I've been working on FRRouting (src:frr) for ages now, put together most of the packaging and would simply like to be able to upload new versions myself :)

Other biographical-y information: I'm part of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) Congress/Camp NOC, active at the IETF, currently living in Switzerland & getting paid by a non-profit to work on FRRouting (in general, not Debian specific, though I use work time to update the package if necessary)

If you have any questions you can reach me at equinox@diac24.net. Also, mastodon: @equinox@chaos.social

I'm called equi "on the street" (not David), it's extremely well established as a name (I'm looking into getting it added into my passport...) I use he/him pronouns.

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