David Mohammed

Account namefossfreedom
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Status Debian Maintainer since 2018-03-23

Short Biography

My name is David Mohammed - also known as fossfreedom.

I am the project lead of the official Ubuntu community flavour called Ubuntu Budgie.

I have been part of the FOSS community for the last 10 years and am a community moderator with Stack Exchange's AskUbuntu.

My contributions with Debian has been through my involvement with my distro.

I am proud to be the maintainer of many packages through Debian for the last two years.

I am the Debian maintainer for budgie-desktop for Jessie as well as Buster. Additional packages I actively maintain include slick-greeter, rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar, moka-icon-theme, faba-icon-theme, arc-theme and budgie-indicator-applet.

I look forward to working with the Debian maintainers of the Ayatana project to ensure Debian budgie-desktop users are provided with first class support for appindicators i.e. through converting budgie-indicator-applet to use the new ayatana indicator backend.

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