Shih-Yuan Lee

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Short Biography

Why I came to GNU/Linux and free software is because when I graduated from senior high school, some classmates in senior high school studied CS/EE in college and they were talking about GNU/Linux so I bought a book to learn how to use GNU/Linux and then became very interested about GNU/Linux. I studied Math in college however I am also interested in programming and I find GNU/Linux is very convenient to program so I keep using it since 1998.

After I graduated from college, I start to work and join some GNU/Linux community events in Taiwan, such as Taipei Open Source Software User Group 1, Debian Taiwan, Gentoo Taiwan, Linux Taiwan and Hacking Thursday 2.

I used serveral Linux distributions. As I know, Debian is a pure community driven project. There is no company behind it to control this project and Debian is pretty easy to install softwares/packages. Thanks to the great DEB and APT mechanism so I keep using Debian and I also want to improve it.

I like to create softwares 3 and fix the problems I encountered. I also know some Debian developers so I upload my own softwares into Debian archives. Then the packages I maintained becomes more and more so I apply to become a Debian developer. I also like to join the community events so I also joined DebConf15 physically last year.

My primary areas are Debian installer, traditional Chinese input methods and GNOME desktop environment. My goal is to fix any problem that Debian users in Taiwan encounter.

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