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I'm Francis Murtagh from Ireland, currently working as a software engineer for Arm on their open source C++ Neural Network Inference engine ArmNN ( in our Galway office.

I was tasked with packaging our tool as currently it has a very complex set of build steps with numerous dependencies that can often take a team of engineers a few days to work out. I planned on using Ubuntu's launchpad but after reaching out to Wookey ( I was quickly converted to the Debian project.

Through trials and tribulations I eventually managed to package our tool using Sbuild in a clean chroot after multiple maintainer patches while depending on another one of our teams packages in Wookey's private Repo the arm-compute-library ( I also split the package and built it for multiple architectures requiring different configurations do to our software being hardware dependent. It was then pushed to Salsa and is now in Unstable.

Since then I have also added our PyArmNN module through which I familiarised myself with the Debian Python Policy (

My goal is to be able to independently maintain our armnn package ( as Wookey already has a long list, but once my confidence grows I would be interested in taking on other ML related packages.

Thanks, Francis.

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