Fabio Augusto De Muzio Tobich

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My name is Fabio and I'm a Debian user from Curitiba, Brazil. I met Debian in 1999, at the time Slink was recently released, and I have Debian as my main OS ever since. My career has always been focused on infrastructure and Debian always had a great importance in my professional life as well. For many years I've been planning to repay some of what Debian has provided me, but there was always something to get in the way, until this year, when I finally managed to start contributing to the project. I received an incredible help from some DDs here in Brazil, who helped me in the packaging learning process, and many others I've met through Debian Mentors who also helped me by reviewing the packages I sent searching for sponsors. Today I am the maintainer of some packages and eventually I do QA work on orphaned packages. I also did a very little work with the Localization Team for Brazilian Portuguese, helping to translate some Debian webpages and also reviewing some translations made. I hope to be able to increase my level of commitment to the project and contribute more and more to help maintain the quality level that makes Debian such a respected project.

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