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Gabriel F. T. Gomes

Account namegabriel
OpenPGP fingerprintFB05 091C 5554 035C 1A76 F73C AE9B 1138 386E CAF2
Status Debian Maintainer since 2018-03-25

Short Biography

After many years of just using free software, I finally learned how to start contributing to the free software community. Learning became easier once I met some people that guided me through the processes (thanks to all of you who helped), which I used to find very hard to follow.

I have been writing patches for glibc as part of my work for IBM. I also write patches to a few other libraries (libdfp, paflib, libvecpf, libauxv) which are of interest to my employer, as well as patches to an alternative toolchain distribution (advance-toolchain). While working on these projects I got a better understanding of the amount of work it takes to distribute software. This is how I came to free software development, in general.

Regarding Debian specifically, I have used Debian in the past, although it was not the first distribution I had contact with (the first was redhat, when it was still free of charge), and I have also used many other distributions (ubuntu, fedora, arch, gentoo, opensuse), but I always came back to Debian for reasons I can not explain.

I can explain, however, how I decided that I wanted to start contributing to Debian... It was after I read about the election process and about how decisions in Debian are made publicly and by the people that volunteer their work. It was also after I read the DFSG and when I understood what's the difference between the main, contrib, and non-free archives.

Finally, when I noticed that Debian did not have pragha (a music player software that I used in fedora) in its archives, I decided that it was time to package it myself and share it with the community.

While the packaging of pragha was still in progress, I read one of the wnpp reports and I noticed that bash-completion was being orphaned, and I felt that this could be something that I could also take.

So, this is what I have done so far on Debian (new package for pragha, adoption of bash-completion). My primary area of interest is packaging software that I use (there could be a time when I might want to package software from my job, but that's not my intention right now).

Cheers, Gabriel

Personal history

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2019-08-28 2019-10-04 DD, upl. Gabriel F. T. Gomes gabriel AM tin
2018-03-05 2018-03-25 DM Gabriel F. T. Gomes gabriel Closed
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