Jonas Genannt

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Short Biography

I'm a 29 old guy who lives in Stuttgart, Germany. I grow up near the Lake Constance. I'm now working as a Systemadministrator. I started with Linux (SuSE 6) back around 1999, after some time playing around with SuSE I discovered Debian. I switched to Debian and using it for a while.

Around 2005 I started maintaining packages in Debian. (libprefork-perl) I started with some Perl packages, because I was doing some school work with Perl. I started more and more maintaining Perl packages and later I joined the Perl Group in Debian. Later in my day Job I have used Mcollective and that's why I have started getting Mcollective into Debian. I send some patches

for activemq to work as a brocker for Mcollective. MCollective was using the stomp gem. Because stomp gem was outdated in Debian, I joined the Ruby Packaging Group around 2011 and maintaining since them ruby-stomp. I successfully applied for "Debian Maintainer" also in 2011.

Since I don't want to maintain Mcollective alone, I joined the Puppet Packaging Group, because Mcollective has got the same upstream. I also joined the Python group, because python-whisper was outdated in Debian, I maintain it since 2012. With Mathieu Parent I have created the Graphite Packing Group to maintain Graphite-carbon and later Graphite-web.

I did also more work in the Ruby Group and in 2013 I started to work on packages that depends on ruby 1.8 that will be removed later. I attended to the Debian Ruby Sprint in Paris with year, where Cédric Boutillier told me, that I should apply for Debian Developer.

I also successfully interacted with the Debian Security team, to update ruby-i18n in stable.

My primary interest in Debian nowadays are the Ruby Group, I will try to do more QA work in Ruby packaging I also started to get some reverse dependency of Gitlab into Debian. Trying to get Gitlab into Debian.

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