Mathias Gibbens

Account namegibmat
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2022-10-09

Short Biography

I have been a Debian user for over eleven years and a DM since January 2022.

As a DM, I currently maintain the openrct2 package myself, and team-maintain several dozen golang packages as part of the Go Packaging Team including the LXD package which has recently been accepted into unstable. Packaging LXD was the completion of about nine months of focused effort on my part to finally get it into Debian. I also helped package the latest update to the lxc package.

My primary area of interest is packaging software that I use, but isn't currently included in Debian. This was the case for both openrct2 and LXD; I had been maintaining my own private packaging of these programs, but it really makes more sense to get them into Debian so everyone can use them.

I am applying to be a DD so I can become a full-fledged member of the Debian project, and continue to work on packages without needing to request sponsorship or the granting of DM upload permissions. I expect I'll also begin reviewing/sponsoring packages for others who are looking for a sponsor, as I know from personal experience it can sometimes take a lot of waiting for an individual who is willing to review your packaging work.

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