Guilherme de Paula Xavier Segundo

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My name is Guilherme Xavier, I was born in Campo Mourão, Brazil in 1984. I work as a Site Reliability Engineer at a agro-industrial cooperative.

I came to Debian and Free Software after searching for a Unix-like operating system for my PC. I am a GNU/Linux user since 1998 and a Debian user since 2000. Through all those years, the work that thousands of volunteers have put in Debian has made my life easier whenever I had to install software with complex dependencies, deploy and integrate network services or extract the most out of the hardware I had at hand.

After years as a Debian user, I felt the need to give back to the project and help sustain its continued development. Thus, with the help of several brazilian DDs, since 2020 I began contributing with Debian, specially with packaging and performing QA work.

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