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Short Biography

I have been using Debian for a while now (started around the Etch era) and always thought it would be nice to contribute back without being able to clearly define what form those contributions should take.

More recently (2019), I discovered Linux-friendly phones like the Librem 5 from Purism and the new ecosystem which revolves around those phones (ie: adaptive apps, mobile friendly software like phosh etc...). What I could contribute then became clear: I wished to bring into Debian relevant adaptives apps that would be great to have on such Linux-friendly phones. To that end, I have been working with the PAPT/DPMT team for the packaging of several mobile friendly Python softwares (gnome-feeds, gnome-authenticator, gnome-passwordsafe). Also, I have been working with the Debian On Mobile team so that I could help bring relevant software into Debian (ie: gtherm, wys, wlr-randr).

Eventually, I wish that we could provide a great, out of the box, experience to our users on those emerging Linux-friendly phones.

Beside Debian, I am also a field hockey player and my main job is sysadmin.

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