Holger Wansing

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Status Debian Developer, non-uploading since 2016-07-10

Short Biography

Hi, I am Holger Wansing from Metelen in the Münsterland in Germany. I'm active in the Debian project since 2004, starting as a translator for German; I began with the debian-installer manual and the installer itself, and got more and more packages/projects as the time passed. Since 2011 I'm also working on the german translation for the website (webwml). Later I started working as an author for English on some documentation packages, as debian-refcard and debian-faq. In 2019 I volunteered to act as l10n coordinator for debian-installer, when bubulle stepped back from this role. I intend to work on documentation packages resp. documentation issues in packages, besides the installer- and webmaster-team work. Cheers

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