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Ximin Luo

Account nameinfinity0
OpenPGP fingerprint0152 DF71 47EC 5E63 3E00 57FB 5603 4877 E1F8 7C35
Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2015-08-14
Application manager active, 1 applicants processed

Short Biography

I've been using Debian exclusively on my home computers since 2007. From the very start I was thrown in the deep end, being walked through compiling nvidia graphics drivers from source (this was before DKMS existed) by someone helpful on IRC that I now can't remember the name of. I started submitting bug reports and patches not too long afterwards - #483600 was my first bug report, though the maintainer had already taken care of it by the time I figured out a fix; I was determined to compile a tool that I needed for a university course, rather than resort to installing Windows.

I've been uploading packages to Debian since 2010, and have been a DM since 2014. I currently maintain 11 packages, and have 3 pending uploads that I need to find sponsors for - knock (#761853), nim (#778330) and meek (#764007). I'm a member of groups pkg-go, pkg-javascript, pkg-mozext, pkg-otr, pkg-anonymity, and reproducible. Previously, I have also contributed to discussions about the Debian copyright format. As a DD I would continue with these responsibilities and expand them as appropriate. (Grander long-term plans are good for efficiently achieving a specific goal, but I see no personal reason to commit to a particular one at this time.)

Outside of Debian I'm also a developer for the Tor Project and the Freenet Project, and have mentored for both of these during Google Summer of Code. My day-to-day work is research and development on secure group messaging systems. I help various cryptography projects such as OTR and PGP, as well as CryptoParties in Berlin and previously London. Every year I go to CCC, RWC, FOSDEM, the Tor developer meetings, CTS/CTF when it happens, and occasionally HOPE and PETS. 2015 will hopefully be my first year at DebConf.

I have a lot of respect for Debian. It is one of the largest and most structured FOSS projects existing today. It has a strong drive for developing standards for interoperation between projects; this is important in order for many smaller projects - and most FOSS projects are small, yet many - to work together in a wider context to achieve greater real-world affects. It has a consensus-based process for forming these standards that is continually being questioned and improved; this is important so that unity may be achieved without sacrificing the components' independence and individuality. Not only do I want to contribute technically to Debian, to improve the state of FOSS in the world; but I also want to explore this method of organisation further, and I believe that this will help future societies in ways that are deeper and broader than what is commonly meant by "technological progress".

Personal history

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infinity0 March 19, 2015 Aug. 14, 2015 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed sramacher lunar

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2016-11-24 2016-12-21 DM Julien Puydt jpuydt Closed
2017-07-23 2018-03-19 DD, upl. Julien Puydt jpuydt Closed zigo
2018-11-23 2018-12-06 DM kpcyrd kpcyrd Closed
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2018-06-14 2018-07-04 DD, upl. Benda Xu orv AM infinity0
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