James Cowgill

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Short Biography

I've always been interested in programming and started a few hobby projects back in high school. I first came into contact with Linux around 2010 when I decided to try Ubuntu out. After a while I switched to using Debian and got more experienced with using it to the point where I decided to try and help out packaging a library I used, which seemed like it needed some attention. Since then I've been looking at various other things I'm interested in. I enjoy programming and working on software which I can give back to people, hopefully making things easier for them. As far as packaging goes I've worked on the 3 SFML related packages, the Codelite IDE, and helping with Easytag and the Dolphin Emulator. Over the last year I've been working at Imagination Technologies and with other developers on the Debian MIPS ports (including mips64el) among other things. I'm also currently a student at the University of York in the UK.

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