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Short Biography

My new maintainer application is for maintenance of ufw in Debian (I know Kees will appreciate this finally!).

My primary contributions to Debian in recent years are:

  • I am the upstream developer of and (sponsored) maintainer for ufw in Debian. In addition to sponsored uploads from Kees Cook, this includes bug maintenance, new upstream versions, and working closely with downstream Ubuntu
  • I am an Ubuntu core developer (jamie@ubuntu.com/jamie@canonical.com) for many years and have issued various bug reports and patches to Debian. If it helps qualify me, some of my open source contributions to Ubuntu can be quantified here: https://launchpad.net/~jdstrand/+related-packages
  • I am an upstream committer to AppArmor (with a focus on security policy) and as an apparmor-team salsa member, work closely with the Debian AppArmor team in coordinating Debian and Ubuntu packaging. While I focus primarily on Ubuntu AppArmor packaging and its coordination with Debian, I did participate quite a bit through discussions and packaging review in intrigeri's efforts for AppArmor by default in Debian
  • I work on snapd upstream (esp. as it pertains to its sandbox mechanisms (eg, apparmor, seccomp, cgroups, etc)) and indirectly assist Debian by helping Debian snapd maintainers with issues as needed (there have been a couple Debian-specific issues related to its sandbox)
  • I authored the initial implementation for the AppArmor sVirt driver in libvirt and assisted Ubuntu server team members with its maintenance in Ubuntu (which is an indirect contribution to Debian as the Ubuntu server team (eventually) worked closely with the Debian libvirt maintainers to align in recent years). My primary contribution these days in this area are upstream reviews of patch submissions to the sVirt/AppArmor code (and helping Ubuntu upstream patches in this area)

In the more distant past, I:

  • Authored and was the (sponsored) maintainer for (the now obsolete) openssl-blacklist* in Debian
  • Authored and was the (sponsored) maintainer for (the now obsolete) openvpn-blacklist in Debian
  • As an Ubuntu security team member, I worked with the Debian security team (esp. patch coordination, upstreaming patches to Debian, and identifying embedded code copies). My work has tapered in this area since my job focus moved away from day to day CVE triage and patching

In the very distant past, I was the maintainer of the GNOME 2.2 Backport for Debian Woody. Here's a fun historical web page taken from the old gnome22 alioth page: http://www.strandboge.com/gnome22/ :)

Thank you for your consideration! :)

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