Joachim Falk

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Short Biography

I first came to Debian after RedHat Linux was discontinued (2003). My main introduction to Debian packing at this time was modifying existing packages with custom patches to cover my own needs. Later on, I began packaging software not available for Debian, but which I required for efficient work on the Debian systems I ran. One of these packages was TigerVNC. To make TigerVNC available to Debian proper, I began cooperating on Mikes ITP for TigerVNC at the beginning of 2012.

Thus, my packaging of TigerVNC became the basis for the TigerVNC package contained in Debian. I have continued updating this package ever since. However, I still depend on sponsorship by Mike Gabriel and Ola Lundqvist to get updates of this package into Debian proper.

I also contributed some fixes to libvirt for the buster release.

In the future, I am interested in contributing to the Debian EDA ecosystem, as this corresponds to my main academic interests.

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