Jérôme Lebleu

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Short Biography

I started to only use Debian some years ago after trying several GNU/Linux distributions. The release process - which provides great stability and security - and the worldwide non-profit community have largely influenced my choice. The collectives and cooperative in which I am involved also made this choice for servers and personal computers. I am finally used to developing mainly in Python, maintaining some web and mail servers and made other system administration tasks.

It has been a while since I would like to contribute to this great project and OS. It has really begun at a Debian BSP where I could discover a small - but nice - part of the community. I also discovered more deeply Debian packaging thanks to sebian with the rspamd package. Currently, I am maintaining qlcplus package thanks to Lisandro's sponsorship. Thanks to their help and their reviews, I would now like to become a Debian Maintainer.

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