Joanne Sarah McIntyre

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Short Biography

Hello, my name is Joanne McIntyre, I am looking to become a non-uploading Debian Developer.

I first heard about Debian by accompanying Steve McIntyre to a talk he had been asked to give to a group of university students. The talk outlined the backround of Debian, and it's place within the Free Software Community, I found the talk very interesting even though I have a non-technical backround but from that moment on I wanted to learn more about Debian and the Free Software community and get involved.

A good chunk of my Debian contribution has been done behind the scenes and isn't always very visible to the wider Debian community.

CD testing – I have helped out my husband Steve McIntyre (Sledge) on various release and point release weekends, doing some of the testing on Squeeze, Wheezy and more recently Jessie Front desk at Cambridge mini-DebConfs – I have been the main point of contact on front desk at the past 3 Cambridge Mini-confs: running the social media presence, decision making, ordering last minute supplies, making sure the conference runs smoothly and without a hitch in procedings, booking taxis, suggesting pub/restaurant reservations for groups of attendees, making sure they know the way and how to get there. Volunteering at DebConf - I have also been spotted on front desk at the main conferences (admittedly not in Germany as there were too many interesting talks that I wanted to attend!) Co-hosting various events such as the Debian-UK BBQ and BSPs. I have helped to organise beer, food for the weekend, crash space, coffee(!) Attending DebConf - I have attended 5 of the past 6. While I have been attending the annual conferences, each year I have attended more and more talks as I want to learn more about Debian.

In the future I plan to do more of the same, helping others in the community, attending interesting talks at conferences, more CD testing on release and point release weekends. Helping to organise future mini DebConfs and maybe help organise a future DebConf by being part of the local team.

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