Stein Magnus Jodal

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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2015-10-29

Short Biography

My name is Stein Magnus Jodal. I'm 31 years old, living in Oslo, Norway. I have a MSc in Computer Science and are currently employed as a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems.

I'm a full time Linux user since 2001, and a Debian user since ~2003. I'm a regular open source contributor since 2002, but mainly on my own open source projects and their dependencies.

I've dabbled with Debian packaging since 2010. My first sponsored package was uploaded in Dec 2013, and I've been a Debian Maintainer since Oct 2014. I am now maintaining 17 packages. So far, I've mostly packaged Python libraries and packages related to the Mopidy music server, where I'm one of the upstream developers.

Going forward, I'll package more Mopidy extensions and Python packages, maybe joining DPMT and PAPT. I also intend to help the Debian/Raspbian "distro" Pi Musicbox to package as many of their dependencies and components as possible.

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