Joenio Marques da Costa

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Short Biography

I did my first Perl package through the pkg-perl team umbrella in 2009, until 2013 I was quite active, then my contributions decreased along the years... my latests contributions was on DebConf22, before that I updated some Perl packages during DebConf19. At DebConf19 I had a talk about sound, music and Live Coding on Debian. At DebConf22 I collaborated on the creation of the Debian Live Coding Team to improve UX of live coding artists using Debian to produce art. Then I wish to volunteer my time as a contributor to continue contributing on packaging as usual but also to start expanding my contributions on other groups, also I am interested in having more participation on the project Debian from a more broad perspective. Last but not least, I see the opportunity to create a group of live coding artists to produce art from and to Debian.

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