Johannes Schauer

Account namejosch
OpenPGP fingerprint F833 56BB E112 B746 2A41 552F 7D5D 8C60 CF4D 3EB4 0 Endorsements
Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2015-02-07

Short Biography

Contributions I have made to Debian

I understand "contributions to Debian" in the widest sense, i.e. including instances where I made use of Debian in other projects and thus promoted its usage.

  • solving the Debian bootstrap problem:
    • gsoc2012:
    • master thesis:
    • fosdem talk:
    • debconf13 talk:
    • TODO for developers:
    • botch:
  • contribution to 88 Debian bug reports:;archive=both
  • Debian on embedded devices
    • gta01 and gta02:
    • gta04 armhf:
    • notion ink adam:
  • polystrap - create foreign architecture Debian rootfs without needing superuser priviliges:
  • organization of local linux install fests

Primary areas of interest

  • heuristics/approximations for NP problems:
    • minimal feedback arc set (bootstrapping problem, see above)
    • knapsack problem:
  • embedded (see above + n900)
  • reverse engineering of file formats and protocols:
    • keene fm transmitter:
    • sirf/nmea:
    • Deutsche Bahn timetable binary format:
  • pdf (more hate than love):
  • lego (ITP for brickutils, ldraw-parts, lgdlite, ldview)
  • fractals
  • multi-arch + build profiles

Goals I wish to accomplish

  • help making Debian bootstrappable

Personal history

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josch Jan. 12, 2014 Feb. 7, 2015 Debian Developer, uploading (done) Completed faw wookey

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2020-04-03 2020-05-20 DD, upl. Jordan Justen jljusten Closed zigo
2020-09-01 2020-09-05 DM Henry-Nicolas Tourneur hntourne Closed
2021-09-25 2022-03-15 DD, upl. Henry-Nicolas Tourneur hntourne Closed infinity0
2024-03-23 2024-04-11 DM Antoine Le Gonidec vv221 Closed
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