Jakub Ružička

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I've started using FOSS thanks to Debian 3.0 Woody and I've been using Debian on my machines ever since.

I was fascinated by the ability to apt install anything without searching for installers, clicking Next, agreeing to evil EULAs, inserting product keys and even without searching various dependencies, configuring, compiling, ... It takes one command on Debian machine to get all the software I need.

That might be the reason why I became a professional open source packager - it's my job to package free software efficiently and it's my great pleasure to give back and be part of the planet-wide open-source community in the process.

Every user should be one command away from getting all the great free software they need.

I'm doing my part by packaging Knot DNS and Knot Resolver projects where I synced upstream and downstream packaging as much as it made sense and updated Debian Knot packages through several releases with the help of my kind sponsor Santiago.

I'll continue to maintain Debian Knot packages and likely other free software created/used at CZ.NIC in the future.

Even though Debian has always been my favourite, I package for other distros too and I work on a cross-distro packaging automation tool called apkg to make it easier for everyone. I'm also the author of rdopkg the RPM packaging automation tool as well as distroinfo/rdoinfo, pymod2pkg, renderspec and other packaging automation python tools/modules created for RDO project. You could say I'm quite serious about packaging ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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