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James Valleroy

Account namejvalleroy
OpenPGP fingerprint7D6A DB75 0F91 0855 8948 4BE6 77C0 C75E 7B65 0808
Status Debian Maintainer since 2017-05-07

Short Biography

Most of my contributions to Debian have been related to FreedomBox. In fact I started using Debian, around 2012, so that I could use and contribute to FreedomBox. For me, this project offers a way to regain some control over our online interactions, rather than being bound by corporate decisions.

Since 2015, I have been co-maintaining the plinth and freedombox-setup packages with freedombox-pkg-team. I have also reported bugs and contributed patches for related network services and web apps packages. Through this work I have come to appreciate Debian's focus on volunteer contributions and do-ocracy.

My goals are the following: - Package web apps which would be suitable for Debian, but are currently missing. - Improve existing packages for simple configuration and automated setup. - Rely more on Debian-hosted infrastructure for FreedomBox.

Personal history

Started Last Target Applicant UID Status AM
2017-04-09 2017-05-07 DM James Valleroy jvalleroy Closed
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