Dmitry Bogatov

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Status Debian Developer, emeritus since 2019-12-29

Short Biography

I do not remember how exactly did I came to free software, but surely it started from essays on I came to Debian after trying many GNU/Linux distribution during last 6 years due it's beeing big (having almost anything I want) and it's attitude to free software.

I favor simplicity, so my contributions and areas of interest are simple command line/system tools:

  • cdist (configuration management system)
  • runit (init system)
  • several debhelpers (dh_sysuser, dh_runit)
  • dvtm (terminal multiplexer)
  • GNU Complexity (tool to measure C code complexity)

Also, some time ago I helped to Debian Haskell Group with migration from darcs to git.

I have little knowledge or interest in graphical, "user-friendly" programs.

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