Geoffroy Youri Berret

Account namekaliko
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Status Debian Developer, uploading since 2022-05-13

Short Biography

I've been using Debian since 2006. Back then I was a regular neophyte user and decided to get involved in l10n-fr to contribute back to the distribution.

I became more confident, I learnt packaging, start programing (bash, perl, php, python, some C and C++). Eventually I end up working in IT (as a paid job).

I've been involved in python packaging, mainly because of my personal software project in python (MPD client MPD_sima). I've also packaged proprietary php application for a former employer and maintain a personal Debian repo to fit my need and distribute personal packages.

I'll never be thankful enough for the Debian project to exist and for the FLOSS community to provide us with these wonderful free/libre tools.

I'm just contributing back as well as I can.

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